Accumulator II-Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Wales, 2013


“Jamming is a form of error detection” Charles Babbage

Difference Engine is an evolving touring exhibition by artists Mark Cullen, Gillian Lawler, Wendy Judge and Jessica Foley, featuring Gordon Cheung.
It takes the first computer as its namesake; Difference Engine.

Accumulator II re-orders the exhibition space as a place for the visitor to engage with time, language, mythology and architecture. Within this space the outside ‘order’ of the world is declared critically problematic; systems become subject to examination, reinvention, re-presentation. Tentative projections of the future are suggested – and anxieties are released.

The visitor is greeted by the ANNEX – a compilation of objects, papers, sounds and visions, accumulated over time by the multi-dimensional character of Difference Engine

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