Mark Cullen

I see a darkness II, installation detail, 2009.


In recent works, Cullen reconsiders the idea of imaginary time as time engaged with culture and meaning, stepping out from the considerations of the daily grind of capital and economy to engage with concerns that perplex the human condition. The artist attempts to slowdown the viewer’s engagement with the sited artwork. He wants the viewer to become a participant within an immersive experience: to question what it means to be a thinking, embodied being, inside an artwork. What are the implications both physically and mentally? Ideas of place/site/space, embodiment, science/futurology/sci-fi and the imagination are critically explored in his work. The observer’s insertion in the work enacts a parallel insertion into a relationship with these ideas. He is interested in transporting the viewer into a space where art’s ability to stretch logic, time, material and experiential possibilities is apparent, and crucially to entice the viewer into considerations of a cosmological nature.


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