Paul Green

Paul Green and Mark Cullen working on Probe, a collaborative sculpture. West Cork Arts Centre, 2012.

Creative Practice

The Fine Art work that I have produced in the past has primarily utilised the medium of photography both from the perspective of its technology and language.
I move happily between film-based and digital processes and use a range of digital photographic and simulation tools in the communicating of the concepts involved. From the mid 1990s there has been much discussion about the impact of digital processes on photographic practice but of more interest to me have been the discourse in relation to photography and reality and its status as a medium. Many of the sweeping declarations with regard to photography’s death in the light of the arrival of new media have been complicated by the fact that lens-based image processes have been in evidence for centuries in art practice. This was a primary thrust of my masters study which I completed in 2003.

The work I am currently researching has shifted emphasis toward the formal aspects of narrative which were prominent in all the photographic work that I have produced to date. Now however I am interested in integrating a range of media and using interaction and effective computing in an investigative approach to emergent narrative.