Jessica Foley

My work involves writing, image making and collaborative activities with individuals & groups. I like to work with other people, sometimes jointly making work or exchanging writing, or sometimes simply through conversation, as a means to explore my own interests & how these connect with others, and with the wider world. I attempt to make responses to actual environments & situations, allowing these responses to echo off into imagined places, weaving narratives and thoughts, often through a kind of poetry, in an effort to explore time, space & experience, systems & technologies.

In a way I am an essayist, attempting to build meaningful connections between things, between people, environments & places, in a way that will engage others and hopefully bring them into my work in a more meaningful and personal way. My writings & installations draw connections between my own day-to-day experiences and thought processes, and between artistic & scientific developments, histories & discourses, pedagogical practices & methodologies, and between the local & the global.

Currently, my research prompts the slow articulation of emergent voices… The site of exhibition becomes a condensing space where research materializes through installations of written and spoken word, artifact and moving image.

Jessica Foley holds a Masters (Art in the Contemporary World) from NCAD.  She has written for such publications as CIRCA and Variant, and works closely with artists on various writing & art projects.

Jessica has recently begun to undertake PhD study at Trinity College Dublin, through Telecommunications Research Centre, CTVR.

To make contact or for more information visit and or email me at jessica.dylan.foley[at]

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