Resort Revelations, Lynders Mobile Home Park, Portrane, Dublin, 2018.

On and on and on and on by Mark Cullen, Maze, 2018.
Photo by Kevin McFeely Photography

Resort Revelations

2018 Annual Public Art Programme, Lynders Mobile Home Park, Portrane, North County Dublin
Launch 7th of September at 7pm
Exhibition 7th – 15th 10-5pm Lynders Mobile Home Park

Fingal County Council’s Arts Office are delighted to present new works by artists who have been participating on our award winning residency programme at Lynders Mobile Home Park from the 7th to the 15th of September. We will kick off on Friday 7th September with a special launch evening where guests will be invited to experience this beautiful part of North County Dublin through art. Councillor Anthony Lavin, Mayor of Fingal will officiate on the opening night where visitors can expect a locally organised card game of will animate a limited edition card deck by artist Bennie Reilly which features her artworks created from objects found while collecting along the local beaches and inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities at Newbridge House and Farm, Donabate. Jessica Foley of Difference Engine will bring us on a journey to the coast for a live performance of a text and sound work created on while on residency which weaves topographical, anecdotal and fictional narratives which reflect her experience as a visitor to the area.
Engage in the art of disorientation with Difference Engine artists Mark Cullen & Gillian Lawler’s On & on & on & on and inversion I/II/ a site specific sculptural maze created from a complex windbreaker system at the park. Adjust your eyes to view Wendy Judge’s Land Grabs – a photographic sculpture series where a familiar landscape becomes fantastical.
Following the years hosting artists at the mobile home park through the collaboration with Fingal arts office on Resort Residency. Gerry Lynders, proprietor at the park has built a studio and exhibition space at the park where renowned Irish painter Ciaran Murphy will show his
collection of new works which have observed a dreamlike holiday sequence like images from a non-digital camera roll he gives us insight into the artist’s eye and the power of the image to influence or thinking about place. Marie Farrington reveals the unremarkable to be monumental; her work See Level transforms the surface patterns of the mobile home vernacular into beautiful sculptural forms, plaster cast and mixed with seawater material is mixed with the site.
There are a number of special events over the programme Bennie Reilly’s Souvenirs of Portrane will be installed in the Cabinet of Curiosities room at Newbridge House Donabate, the visit will include course a free tour of the house for those booking to see the work, Jessica Foley of difference engine will deliver a writing workshop at the residency space and Difference Engine artists will give an exciting creative workshop titled Image Engine a must for anyone interested in thinking differently. There will be a rare chance to work with Ciaran Murphy where he will take participants through a process of looking at landscape with an outdoor workshop.

Limited Edition playing card decks Souvenirs of Portrane by Bennie Reilly will be available exclusively to those visiting the exhibition at Lynders all welcome to the Launch on the 7th of September at 7pm exhibition continues at the park until the 15th of September.

Workshop Schedule
Saturday 8th September
Difference Engine – writing workshop Jessica Foley 11- 1pm
Difference Engine – Image Engine Drawing Workshop 2.30 – 3.30pm
Bennie Reilly, – Souvenirs of Portrane at the Cabinet of Curiosities Newbridge House and Farm, Donabate includes house tour 2pm & 3pm

Saturday 15 th September 11am – 1.30pm
Drawing workshop with Ciaran Murphy, outdoor exploration, all materials provided meet at The Studio at Lynders Mobile Home Park Portrane.

Saturday 15th September
Bennie Reilly, – Souvenirs of Portrane at the Cabinet of Curiosities Newbridge House and Farm includes house tour 2pm & 3pm