Manifestation IV

Difference Engine – Manifestation IV

Wexford Arts Centre

13th August – 8th October 2011

Artists: Wendy Judge, Gillian Lawler, Jessica Foley, Mark Cullen and Gordon Cheung

Difference Engine is a model of independent artist curation and is a productive collaboration between artists Wendy Judge, Gillian Lawler, Jessica Foley, Mark Cullen & Gordon Cheung.

The intention of the Difference Engine project and its manifestations from one venue to another, is to elaborate upon the dual meaning of the term jamming – in one sense it signifies stasis or rupture, and in another, opposite sense, it signifies a kind of fluid and shifting improvisation between players. Difference Engine is modeled on the understanding that the exhibition is a site where meanings can be generated, ideas tested through experiments in form and display.

For each exhibition, the artists, through their works, must rearticulate themselves or risk stasis. Difference Engine, then, is a shifting entity of moving and fluctuating parts; the artists and their works influence each other as does the exhibition space, evolving a language of contingency, yet maintaining a fidelity to the individual perspectives and expressions of each artist.

Their current exhibition at Wexford Arts Centre presents works which attempt to ask the audience of their relationship to and connection with realities and fictions of globalization and capitalism, issues of urbanization and land usage, and perceptions of science and technology.

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(Images, above, from the current show will be updated over the coming days & weeks)

The exhibition will run in the upper and lower galleries of Wexford Arts Centre from Saturday 13th August to Saturday 8th October, 2011. For further information on the exhibition or artists please contact Catherine Bowe, Visual Art Manager, Wexford Arts Centre on 053 9123764 or email

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