Installing-Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Wales, 2013

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We have arrived at the lovely Oriel Myrddin Gallery, in Carmarthen, Wales. Today marked the first install day, lots of ironing out of creases, opening up works and letting them settle, and letting ourselves get a feel for how to relate everything to the space and to each other.

We’ve been reflecting upon the motivations behind Difference Engine and marveling at the fact that this is our 7th show together! Conversations among the group this evening wondered about technology and the seeming magic of it; conversely, the frustration of slide carousels never working when you’re looking at them; whether we are sharing our work with an audience or a public, whether the distinction matters, and whether we ought to make an audit of this whole ‘touring autonomous artist-led curation’ and try to demonstrate more plainly the in’s and out’s of funding without getting personal about it…

…considerations on cheese and bread and tea, on soccer and the beauty of the welsh accent were also made today. But now, it’s time for sleep!

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