DIFFERENCE ENGINE IX ALTERN_ATORS HDLU, ZAGREB 2018 DE IX ALTERN_ATORS …here, earth will appear open and from fissures will fly sweet rhizomatic vapours… Where grounds separate, aperiodic patterns will emerge… Images of distant, fractured architectures will assert themselves against an horizon of faraway geologies… The way will seem at first unclear… but listen… voices will […]


Travellator – ONONO Rotterdam, September 2017

ONONO Difference Engine: Travellator Preview 6-8pm 8th – 23rd September 2017 Open Monday – Saturday by appointment Contact: Wolphaertstraat 41C, 3082 BL Rotterdam Difference Engine (DE) presents Travelator the tenth collective experiment of the evolving work of Gillian Lawler, Jessica Foley, Mark Cullen and Wendy Judge. DE invited by artist/curator Tracy Hanna to install […]

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Difference Engine* is an evolving touring exhibition, a model of autonomous artist curation, by artists Mark Cullen,Wendy Judge Gillian Lawler & Jessica Foley, featuring Gordon Cheung**. Taking the ‘first’ computer as a namesake, and adopting Charles Babbage’s observation that ‘Jamming is a form of error detection’ as our imaginative jumping off point, Difference Engine plays […]

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Manifestation II: The Black Mariah/Triskel June 9th 2010

The Black Mariah presents DIFFERENCE ENGINE: Manifestation II Jamming is a form of error-detection Difference Engine draws together the intermingling and ongoing explorations of artists Mark Cullen, Gillian Lawler, Wendy Judge, Jessica Foley & Gordon Cheung. Influenced by systems & technologies of time, space & economy, each artist’s work voices a subjective philosophy, informed by […]

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Manifestation II

Difference Engine present the second in its series of evolving & collaboratively curated exhibitions by artists Mark Cullen, Gillian Lawler, Jessica Foley, Wendy Judge & Gordon Cheung. The Black Mariah @ Triskel Caroline Street, Cork city Opening Wednesday June 9th 2010 @ 7.30pm

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