Manifestation II: The Black Mariah/Triskel June 9th 2010

The Black Mariah presents


Jamming is a form of error-detection

Difference Engine draws together the intermingling and ongoing explorations of artists Mark Cullen, Gillian Lawler, Wendy Judge, Jessica Foley & Gordon Cheung.

Influenced by systems & technologies of time, space & economy, each artist’s work voices a subjective philosophy, informed by personal experience, observation & interest, forking through the present into the future & the past, challenging introverted assumptions of nostalgia, utopia & dystopia, and promoting a retro-sensitivity that aims to engage it’s audience in probing actual & imagined experience; cause & effect; scientific & social experiment and discovery and their factual, fictive or hypothetical representations over time.

Presenting the second episode in an emerging series of exhibitions, DIFFERENCE ENGINE: Manifestation II opens on June 9th at 7.30pm and runs until it’s Closing Day Special on Saturday June 26th in a Classic Double Bill Matinee featuring The Bloody Ends vs. Kronos.

DIFFERENCE ENGINE: Manifestation II is an installation of disparate & individual works that undeniably riff off each other, opening up a space wherein the audience can begin to generate connections and meanings that are unique to themselves, engaging in a kind of immersive & active storytelling… becoming players, or tourists within the zone of exhibition, in an encounter with the limits of their own imagination.

For more information on Difference Engine and Closing Night Events please visit: or contact

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